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Silver Lining Solicitors are law firm that deal with a wide range of employment law disputes and legal cases in the UK. Our employment law specialists will provide practical and clear legal advice. Whether it is an unfair claim dismissal, discrimination in the workplace, redundancy or a disciplinary matter, our team will strive to provide the best representation and a high level of care. Our clients are important to us and we work hard to ensure the best result possible for our clients.
At Silver Lining our expert team understands that employment claims can be difficult but, with the right advice and guidance from us, we can make the process less stressful for you. It is also worth being aware that this advice may cost you nothing personally as employers are often required to cover it as part of the agreement.

Employment law issues

Our expert panel of solicitors can advise you on both the content of an agreement and any potential claims that you may have, as well as negotiating the best compensation package available. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Wrongful and unfair dismissal
  • Conducting employment tribunals
  • Redundancy and TUPE consultation issues
  • Discrimination at work
  • Pension issues and disputes
  • Sex, race and disability discrimination
  • Equal pay
  • Settlement/Compromise Agreements and negotiations
  • Maternity and paternity issues

Where it’s possible, our team of solicitors try to settle the claims at an early stage, in order to minimise costs and help our clients achieve the clarity that they need. Where claims cannot be settled, we have years of experience in all the stages in proceedings.

Why use our employment law team?

As an employee, dealing with employment law can be incredibly stressful. Whatever the circumstance, whether it involves unfair dismissal, sexual discrimination, disability discrimination, unfair dismissal, redundancy issues, workplace disputes or any other issues, our expert solicitors can help. You can feel relaxed in knowing that all cases are dealt with both sensitively, as well as complying with current laws and guidelines.

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