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What do we do?

Our specialist team provides expert advice on a wide range of commercial arrangements. We deliver strong contracts that mitigate risk and allow your organisation to operate effectively and with confidence that their hard work is protected.

How Our Commercial Contracts Lawyers Can Help ?

Commercial contracts are vital in every business, whether your organisation is a small business or large.


Our contractual specialists will ensure that you are protected, while priding practical and commercially

viable advice. We take a hands on approach to learn about our clients and understand your goals and objectives. Once we have built this understanding, our team gets to work to create a contract that reflects your needs.


We understand the importance in transparency as a firm and we will always agree fixed pricing for the work that we undertake.

Commercial Agreements

The majority of legally binding contracts are governed by the use of contracts. However some contracts are not formed through written documents – some are established verbally through handshakes and conversations. When one of the parties involved doesn’t abide by the terms of their contract this becomes a contractual dispute. Within our team we have contractual specialists who have years of experience dealing with all kinds of contractual issues and disputes.

How We Can Help You ?

Initially we will establish when you entered into the contract and identify what the terms of the contract are. After this our team of experts can advise you on how to move forward, to ensure that the parties involved adhere to the contract. If you require, we can act on your behalf and do our best to resolve the dispute.

Experts in Dispute Resolution

Many disagreements can be solved through negotiation in a meeting, other cased have to be settled through formal mediation (where a professional mediator works out a deal between you and the other party), and some require court proceedings.

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