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If you, or somebody close to you, have suffered poor quality treatment at the hands of a medical professional, our expert panel of solicitors can advise you about whether they have a claim.


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Silver Lining offers transparent legal advice at each stage of your clinical negligence claim.

Our specialists understand how malpractice can have a difficult effect on all aspects of life. We’re here to help and try our best to get things back on track for you. Our team will take your stress away, so you can focus on your life again.

Our team offers a free initial meeting, either in-person or over the phone. Our team will analyse your claim in real time and offer advice on the best steps to take.

Once we’ve established negligence, we then will review all the relevant medical records and guide you step by step through the claim process, in an understanding and professional manner.

Silver Lining offers transparent legal advice at each stage of your clinical negligence claim.

Our solicitors deal with cases involving both the NHS and private sector. We can assist you with the NHS complaints process or private healthcare claims process covered by ISCAS (Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service), in addition to representation at inquest hearings.

Take Your Stress Away

Clinical negligence claims are usually a result of poor treatment by a medical professional, i.e a doctor, dentist, nurse or midwife. However our team can follow negligence claims against any healthcare professional.


Our team understands how stressful the situation is and will be empathetic, compassionate and understanding to your problems. You may be seeking compensation, an explanation of what happened or even maybe a simple apology. Our team will support your claim and also support your full recovery by helping you access expert treatment.

In terms of a claim, time is of the essence. In order for our team to help you, we ideally need to act within three years of an incident taking place. This is to make sure that we can take your claim forward and secure early payments where they are due.

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